You’re probably wondering, “If you’re making comics, why don’t you just start posting them?”  I get that, and I am very tempted to just post them now.  I, however, promised myself I won’t start this page and lag along till it died.

I have to have a plan, and a working one. I decided if I can’t get 30 comics made and be able to produce at least 2 a week, then I can’t continue. I am on pace to have that many completed and ready by May 15th.

I did have a small snafu where I had to change the comic name, so I also have been going through and re-creating the images with the new name of

The site isn’t much to look at today, but once the comics start dropping they will be the star of the show.  Please visit it and bookmark it for me.  Then set a reminder on your calendar to revisit on May 15th.

Here are a list of sites you can follow to help me promote the comic:

May 15th is less than a month away.  I will be posting two comics a week at all these sites as well as at home base,

Please check it out, and thank you!