It’s finally here!  Stuffed Nature comics start dropping Monday morning!  I have a different comic for you every weekday this week! I completed my first 30 comics to meet my goal this morning, and now I am getting all the sites that will host them ready to go. I wanted to give you an opportunity to see the comics as I post them, one day early!  On Patreon, supporters who give only $3 a month will start seeing my comics the day before anyone else.  If you’d like to help me out, you can go to this site and click Become a Patron.  It will help me out in keeping the comic running as well as give you some fun bonuses to check out!  Looking forward to getting some funny heading your way!

Here are all the bonuses on Patreon for Stuffed Nature:

$1/month – Doug and Jon Junior comics.

$3/month – New Comics one day early. (Includes lower tier rewards)

$5/month – Exclusive 8 Panel Comics once a month and early empty bubble comics. (Includes lower tier rewards)

$10/month – Behind the scenes video of my sketch book and inking of future comics. (Includes lower tier rewards)

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