Cary Enicks

Stuffed Nature is a bi-weekly comic strip written and drawn by me, Cary Enicks.  It attempts to be humorous.  Just smile and laugh and we will all get along.

The comic is designed to be clean, “funny”, non-political and something you wouldn’t be ashamed of your mother seeing on your Facebook page. So please, share away!


In 2010 my friend Jon was helping to create a fun web site. It had all kinds of funny video’s, cartoon and comics.  When they decided to do away with the comics, as they were not working out, I asked to step in.  I had never made a comic before, so it was an adventure, but at the time, it was also a means of revenue that I desperately needed.

They gave me a shot and that is when Doug and Jon Junior was born.  I tried my hardest to find time to put together a comic per week.  I was also starting a new job and was taking college courses at the same time.  It was busy, but it was a blast, right up until they decided to fold the site in late 2012.  The site ended and so did the need for my comic.

I didn’t want it to end there, so I decided to make a new comic, with my own characters.  I drew up some ideas and started drawing, but without any revenue and real desire to promote the comic, I quickly found I didn’t have the motivation to continue while going to school. Now that school is complete, I’ve decided to dive back in.

So blah blah blah, I am making this comic now, and planting it everywhere!  I love to make people laugh.  Probably myself mostly, but also my family.  If they like it, it makes it onto this page. Raising kids has been the best adventure I have ever taken on and every comic I make is dedicated to them.  Love you two!



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