I have just a few more comics to hit my 30 comic goal before I start posting. New comics are posted at StuffedNature.com first, so be sure to book mark that page. The first week a new comic will be posted each day, Monday through Friday! You can then expect new comics every Tuesday and Thursday.  They will always be posted at StuffedNature.com first, so visit it often!

If you want to check out all the other places the comic will appear, there is a list on this post: Click Here!

Did you know? Stuffed Nature comics are clean, non-political comics designed for everyone.  I wanted to make a comic you can laugh at and not feel like you might be offending someone by posting it. They will not contain objectionable language or content. Just a cheap joke that you’ll probably roll your eyes at and be all, “Oh, bother.”

If you are interested in helping support my efforts, which can get expensive, consider supporting me through Patreon! Just go to this site and click the “Become a patron” button. It’s as low as $1 a month and you can get some cool behind the scenes stuff, as well as bonus comics! I am already posting bonus content there!

Looking forward to your feedback!